Chris Dye Chris Dye

Session Rates


~ 30 minute session $100 .00 with all digital photos*

     - With 1 8.5x11, 1 8x10, 2 5x7's, 2 4x6's & 1 sheet of wallets*

~ 60 minute session $150.00 with all digital photos*

     - With 2 8.5x11's, 2 8x10's, 4 5x7's, 4 4x6's & 2 sheets of wallets*

~ 90 minute session $200.00 with all digital photos*

     - With 3 8.5x11's, 3 8x10's, 6 5x7's, 6 4x6's & 3 sheets of wallets *

~ 2 hour session $250.00 with all digital photos*

     - With 4 8.5x11's, 4 8x10's, 8 5x7's, 8 4x6's & 4 sheet of wallets *

~ 3 hour session $300.00 with all digital photos*

     - With 5 8.5x11's, 5 8x10's, 10 5x7's, 19 4x6's & 5 sheet of wallets *

~ 5 hour session $390.00 with all digital photos*

     - With 7 8.5x11's, 7 8x10's, 14 5x7's, 14 4x6's & 7 sheet of wallets *

~ 7 hour session $470.00 with all digital photos* 

     - With 9 8.5x11's, 9 8x10's, 18 5x7's, 18 4x6's & 9 sheet of wallets *

Events, Business, Commercial, architectural, Corporate & Real estate: $125.00 an hour with an minimum of two hours & includes 10 sheets of 8.5x11 prints per hr of service.

Contact me for more information and to find what amount of time will be needed for your session, for instances a family session I would recommend 90  minutes to 2 hours and for a basic headshot session I would recommend 30 to 60 minutes. Depending on the kind of imagery you may be looking for, you might need a shorter or an longer amount of time for the session to be able to capture those perfect shots.  Contact me for more information and to schedule your session today.

SPECIAL OFFER: Receive 30% off of sessions rates through February 18th 2018 (2/18/2018) some restrictions may apply: to receive this offer a release must be singed so images can be used by the photographer in portfolios, website, social media, blog, contest, and or photo displays in print & or online

* Photography sessions comes with all the images that passes the inspection of the photographer/photo editor edited in a basic edit and also artistic edit (some shoots might only come with the basic edit depending on what is being covered) and are delivered via a link on my website and or sent through email. * Prints are done on 8.5x11 glossy photo paper on a personal home printer that resembles print quality found at drug store & retail chain photo department. and would need to be trimmed down to size by the customer/client. Better quality prints can be ordered at the normal printing rates and would be printed by a professional photo printing service.