Chris Dye Chris Dye

Review/download your images

The review and or download of your sessions/event images can be done by clicking the link below, locating your images and entering the provided pass when you received the notice that your images are ready.

Before printing any of the images, please inform us of the image and size so it can be resized to fit the proper dimensions for printing. The resized images will be posted within 24 hours with the same pass as the original file in a new file. Some images may not print in the requested size due to cropping issues. We are not responsible for printing issues like being to light or dark if you take them to your own photo printing service provider or print yourself at home.

To insure proper output, I would recommend ordering prints through Chris since I will review the images for proper coloring before you would ever receive them. I use a local lab with great prices, so I  would pass the savings onto you. My prints starts at $0.60 for a 4x6 and goes up to $30.00 for a 20x30 print and there is a $20.00 minimum for print order. The prints are done on Fujicolor Crystal Archive Paper and will ready for pickup 2 business days after print order and payment are received. Once prints are made, their are no refunds but will do one reprint if your not happy with the lightness/darkness of the image. Along with the normal photo paper prints I can also have your image printed on special materials like canvas and metal to name a few and also on products like coffee cups and blankets.