Chris Dye Chris Dye

About Me

Hello my name is Chris Dye,

 I am an award winning natural/available light photographer based out of Rancho Cucamonga California just steps away from the famous route 66 mother road. I have been into photography since way before 2014, but really got into it in march of 2014 when I purchased my first DLSR camera. I am very passionate when it comes to the art of photography and getting outstanding imagery that everyone will love no matter if its portraits of people or real estate images I love what I do. I have been published in the local news paper along with the New York News and a few other publications from around the world. I have also done photography work for Rancho Cucamonga city Council member Lynn Kennedy, Progressive Real Estate, Sky High Sports and RC Hunt along with being a volunteer photographer at events for the city of Rancho Cucamonga and a few non profit organizations through the RC Photo Club which I am a active member of. Besides my passion for photography, I also like computers and technology, country music, comedy movies and sitcoms, Stand up comedy, reality TV, social media, business and expanding my knowledge. O ya wait almost forgot one thing, Starbucks. When I am not out shooting I tend to be at one of the local Starbucks editing, on social media (for fun or business), or expanding my knowledge while enjoying a beverage and listing to some country tunes.

Making memories one shutter click at a time to freeze the moment in time to cherish years to come no matter what the picture may be of.